Embracing a Spiritual Sanctuary


We implore you to understand the significance of this space and the vital role your donations play in making this vision a reality.

Our future Spiritual Wellness Center will be a haven for spiritual seekers from all walks of life to embark on a transformative journey, embracing personal growth, enlightenment, and self-discovery. This sacred space will serve as a vibrant hub, fostering connections that transcend barriers while celebrating the beauty of diverse paths to the divine.

A Sanctuary for the Community

Our future spiritual wellness center is not just for Oculus Anubis; it will be a spiritual sanctuary for all, regardless of faith. Walking paths, sculpture gardens, and so many more ways to connect with nature await. Your donations will help us open the gate wider, creating a space that offers guidance, compassion, and support to all who seek spiritual growth and healing.

Systems support
Oculus Anubis is both a virtual and physical spiritual space, and maintaining and securing our systems is of utmost importance. 

A Legacy of Healing
By contributing to the acquisition of our Spiritual Wellness Center, you are playing a crucial role in building a legacy of unity and healing that will extend far beyond our time. Trauma can ripple through generations, but so can hope and healing, bringing positive change to countless souls seeking their spiritual path.

Transformative Programs
Your contributions will enable us to continue to develop transformative programs and workshops that cater to the spiritual needs of all who pass through our gate. From meditation and yoga to self-discovery workshops and mindfulness practices, these offerings will nurture personal growth and facilitate profound connections.

Embracing Inclusivity
At Oculus Anubis, we believe in celebrating diversity and embracing inclusivity. Your donations will help us ensure that our Spiritual Wellness Center will be accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances. By offering meditation paths and prayer sculpture gardens for all to enjoy, to sliding-scale pricing and scholarships, we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to partake in the transformative experiences we provide.

As we set our sights on acquiring our future Spiritual Wellness Center, we stand together, united by a common purpose. Your generous donations are the driving force behind this transformative endeavor, creating this space of healing, acceptance, and growth for all who seek to embrace the light within.

Together, let us manifest the vision of our Spiritual Wellness Center, and through contributions and volunteer efforts, we will build a sanctuary of healing and acceptance — a sacred space for the seekers of knowledge and the embodiment of our shared humanity.

With immense gratitude,