Oculus Anubis, a religious nonprofit, is guided by our sacred mission: to uphold justice, secure and preserve our sacred space, and offer a haven for spiritual exploration and healing.

Trauma may spread through generations, but so can healing; we acknowledge the past and present as we craft a better future through various endeavors, including fundraising events, yoga, and other initiatives.

Transparency and inclusivity are among our core values, and we integrate our spiritual values into our actions. We invite all to join us in this sacred journey.

– since July 2023:

  1. Raised awareness among hundreds of thousands of visitors
  2. Provided a safe space for survivors of trafficking and racism to share lived experiences
  3. Created a virtual space to learn, grow, and heal

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In anticipation of the opening of our community library,
we are proud to offer a preview of our diverse selection.

Resources are listed in no particular order, and we
welcome suggestions of any we may have missed.

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Oculus Anubis is pleased to announce that we have been prioritizing sharing our resources and findings on terrorism and trafficking, specifically in regards to the unauthorized occupants of our future church property, with law enforcement, partnering with local, state, and federal authorities to assess and mitigate threats in both the physical and online environments.

We are proud to provide critical intelligence regarding individuals and specific groups engaging in criminal behavior, enabling law enforcement to appropriately intercede.

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