Pyramid Forest

The site promoting the ‘Pyramid Forest’ project lists collaborators such as Edelweiss Construction and Ardiri Winery, which when independently contacted on several occasions, denied any knowledge of ‘Pyramid Forest’.

Michael Allen Harrison is known for his prior involvement with Snowman Foundation, a now-inactive nonprofit formerly known for its work helping disadvantaged youth receive musical instruction and instruments. Another notable and still-active business endeavor, also involving low-income young people, is the Play it Forward Foundation.

Sharon Neal, the individual associated with Behind The Gates and now listed as the Director of ‘Pyramid Forest LLC‘, is known to the state of Oregon for her prior involvement in an alleged fraudulent business, founded for the purpose of defrauding the state. View court filings regarding Behind the Gates.

While we acknowledge the importance of creative endeavors and commend the concept of crafting memorable experiences, it’s crucial to clarify that the inspiration for ‘Pyramid Forest’ seems to coincide with our ongoing efforts at Oculus Anubis.

Our focus remains addressing serious concerns related to reports of alleged trafficking and other criminal conduct.

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