Embracing a New Path

We would like to emphatically dismiss any link between Oculus Anubis and the infamous cult mentioned in the blog post. Oculus Anubis is an entirely different entity, a religious nonprofit with our own unique beliefs, values, and mission.

While we acknowledge the historical context of events mentioned in the blog post, we want to emphasize that Oculus Anubis is committed to creating a new narrative. Our purpose is to establish a safe and inclusive spiritual community where individuals can explore their own unique paths, find solace, and embrace personal growth.

Oculus Anubis is dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, embracing the beauty of our shared humanity. Our focus is on building a community that supports profound healing, collective empowerment, and the exploration of spirituality.

We understand that concerns and questions may arise given the historical context associated with the property. We invite open dialogue with the community to address these concerns, providing transparency, and clarifying any misconceptions. Our commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment is unwavering.

As we acquire the property at 17700 SE Forest Hill Drive, we are dedicated to its transformation into a place that symbolizes hope, healing, and growth. Through our collective efforts, we can redefine the narrative and create a space that encourages personal exploration, community building, and the celebration of shared values.

We are forging ahead with our vision to establish a new spiritual community at 17700 SE Forest Hill Drive. Our commitment to healing, compassion, and inclusivity will guide us as we create a space where individuals can find peace, acceptance, and personal growth.